Kelly Rogers, Monterey Cinemas

"After years in the business I've had to figure out some things and now have a reputation for doing things my way. Call it my 'indie' spirit."
Kelly Rogers,
Monterey Cinemas

power to the independants

Third-party ticketing

Get more exposure through third-party ticketing with Veezi. Display showtimes and sell tickets on Fandango,, Atom Tickets, MoviePass and many more... More

V-Tix (internet ticketing)

V Tix Screen Phone

Internet ticketing that’s easy on the eyes, so you can reach more customers, generate additional revenue with booking fees, and capture customer details for your marketing efforts. V-Tix is a mobile-responsive solution that fits right in with your existing website. More

V Tix Screen Phone

Veezi Voucher Manager

Use Vista’s Vouchers & Gift Cards system with Veezi! Integration with the Vista module allows you to set up and manage vouchers and gift cards. We can even convert your existing gift cards quickly and easily. More


Lighten the load for your POS operators and keep your moviegoers happy with shorter lines using Veezi’s self-service Kiosk! More


Easily set-up and run your membership programs using Veezi Loyalty. Integration with your website gives loyal customers exclusive access to member only tickets and discounts at POS and online. More


Keep track of stock levels with our integrated Inventory module, complete with vendor management, stocktaking, item/component level tracking, and reporting abilities. Veezi’s Inventory gives you a complete picture of how many of each item you have, where you have them, and how well they are selling. More

Cinema management – dashboard and reporting

Easy Programming

Making informed decisions can improve the success of your business. Your Veezi dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your cinema's performance. KPIs and operational data are presented as customisable widgets — allowing you to make quick, effective decisions on the go. We also have a comprehensive report suite, with over 25 reports which can be set up to run automatically. We've worked closely with distributors to ensure the information they need is readily available. Happy distributors can mean better film terms! More

Easy Programming

Easy and fast to get started

Right from the beginning Veezi is easy to set up. No lengthy paperwork or fixed term contracts here! Simply sign up online and pay by credit card, it's a monthly subscription so you can cancel at any time. The pricing structure is easy too - only pay for what you use. You get unlimited support and unlimited users. Once you've signed up there's an easy installation process with our Getting Started wizard. Choose films, ticket types and concessions from our pre-loaded Master Lists for faster and easier set up. More

Fantastic film programming

Veezi Cinema Software Easy Programming

We understand how important your film schedule is to the success of your cinema. To aid the film programming process Veezi has a preloaded Master List of current films, making your session setup easy. The interface has been designed with vivid colours and shading to help you make the selections you require. Veezi can support allocated seating both online and at POS. You can log in from anywhere — so creating your film schedule can be done from home, a café or even the comfort of your sofa. More

Veezi Cinema Software Easy Programming

Full featured POS

POS Concession Screen in Veezi Cinema Software

Veezi POS enables your cinema to provide an even greater customer experience. It is simple to use and is highly functional — so you can offer your moviegoers efficient customer service. Veezi's ticketing and concession sales functionality comes with all the bells and whistles - it can even work offline if the internet goes down. It's easy to learn but we can offer online POS operator training if you need it. More

POS Concession Screen in Veezi Cinema Software

Always on

Veezi is always on and because it's cloud-based you can access it 24/7 from anywhere. Log in from home, in transit or on holiday and manage your business easily. The Cloud means you don't need to purchase or maintain expensive server hardware or software, and you can rest easy knowing your data is stored securely. We are constantly improving Veezi, introducing new features and functions every week. The Cloud allows us to release these updates without you needing to do a thing. More

Ticket Pick-Up & UsherPoint Apps

Our Ticket Pick-Up and UsherPoint Apps are free as part of V-Tix, and make it easy for customers who have purchased online while reducing queue times for those who haven’t. More

Digital Signage

Session Times Green

Display your showtimes and door signs with high resolution movie posters. Customizable, easy to set-up, and best of all fully automatic — our Digital Signage application is the perfect set-and-forget signage solution. More

Session Times Green

Time & Attendance

There's no time like the present to start using our new time clock system. There are two parts to our Time & Attendance module: Time Clock, where staff can log in and record their hours; and Timecards, where managers can adjust and approve time worked. More