Offline Mode

When Veezi was first planned, one of the biggest questions we had was this: "What happens if you lose the Internet? Will it all turn to custard?" Even in a big city, Internet reliability can be an issue sometimes. Never mind if you happen to live in a more remote location!

With that, we knew we had to make Veezi work - irrespective of whether or not you have an Internet connection. When you lose the Internet, you go into what we call 'Offline Mode'. Veezi has been designed to minimize this potential problem so you can carry on operating normally, without loss of patronage and income! Once your Internet connection is restored, your data will be re-synced, updating all that vital sales data during the period when communications were broken. 

That's the theory, in practice what actually will happen is the following process...

A) Your POS operators will get a screen message saying "Internet connection lost" 

POS Connection Lost Graphic
POS connection lost
From here, you will need to follow the onscreen instructions to mitigate the loss of Internet as best possible for your cinema/theater. Click on this picture to enlarge it. Damn small writing otherwise...

B) They will click 'Yes' and POS will then start recording all transactions locally (Within that specific POS terminal). 

C) When the Internet connection is restored, the POS operator(s) will see this screen below... 

Connectivity Restored
Connectivity restored
Once POS is back online, you will see this screen. After clicking 'OK' you will then see the following screen.
POS Updating Data Graphic
POS Updating
Once your Internet connection is restored, it will automatically start updating all the transaction data from your POS to your database.

It is important to mention that one of the best aspects of offline mode, is when it is resyncing, the upload process runs in the background.  Which of course, allows your business to continue as normal. It is also important to note that, not surprisingly, you will have some functions unavailable to use. The crucial thing here though is that being in offline mode will still allow you to operate, with no real discernible difference to your patrons. You will still be able to sell tickets and concessions! 

We're currently working on some enhancements to Offline Mode which will further improve this vital aspect of Veezi. We'll let you know as soon as possible.