Pre-Veezi: What do I need?

We’ve made Veezi simple and cost effective with the minimum requirements for hardware to run your cinema. 

First things first, you will need…

A) A decent internet connection

A vital consideration and the life-blood of the Veezi experience. You should have broadband (DSL) type connection at a minimum. Avoid internet plans that degrade your performance if you exceed the data limit. To ensure you stay online, consider a secondary or back-up internet connection, i.e. a 3G connection. We also recommend you connect your POS workstations to your router using network cables and not wireless connections.

Don’t have a back-up internet connection? Don’t worry, Veezi POS has an offline mode — so you can keep ticketing if the internet does go down.

B) A back office computer

Veezi’s Back Office is web-based and will work on most modern browsers. We recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (Edge).

C) Point of Sale

Veezi is ‘hardware agnostic’, meaning it will run on most existing hardware. See Hardware Requirements for details.