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Our Ticket Pick-Up and UsherPoint Apps are free as part of V-Tix. They make it easy for customers who have purchased online while reducing queue times for those who haven’t.

Ticket Pick-Up App

Run your own self-service ticket pick-up station. Optimized for use on an iPad with a connection to a compatible printer, your V-Tix customers can simply scan their booking or enter the reference number, grab their printed ticket, and go.

The app is fully integrated in real-time with Veezi, so you can keep track of your customers while they spend less time in queues.

For self-service ticket and concession sales, see our fully-featured Kiosk module.

UsherPoint App

UsherPoint makes it easy for customers who have purchased online, and it reduces queue time for those who haven’t. Using the camera function on your iOS device, your Ushers can scan your customer’s booking (including directly from their phone).

Ushers can also view your film schedule on the go, so that they’re always in the right place at the right time—all very handy when your aim is to make your cinema the best customer experience it can be.

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