Full featured POS

Veezi POS operators have a lot of features at their fingertips. We’ve kept it simple and quick to use while offering a wide range of functionality. If the Fast Cash button is enabled, customer orders can be handled in as little as two steps.

POS is offline capable so you can keep selling if your internet connection goes down. When your internet connection resumes Veezi will automatically update all offline sales.

Flexible functionality

The POS ticketing screen can display shows by film, screen or time. Advance bookings can be taken and later searched for by customer name, booking ID or credit card number (first and last digits). POS supports allocated seating and is integrated with online ticketing to avoid selling a seat twice.

You can offer your moviegoers options, upgrades and modifiers on their concession items. And item packages allow you to add combos to an order with the push of a button.

Card payments can be integrated with POS or handled using a stand-alone electronic payments PIN pad. Veezi can handle multiple payment types and split payments — the cash handling screen helps operators quickly calculate change, split checks and accept vouchers.

You can configure Veezi POS for each individual station or the same way for your entire cinema. This is handy if you offer varied concessions at different selling stations within your cinema, such as a bar or cafe. If you have customer facing screens at POS you can even display order summaries and seating availability maps.

Getting started

Installing POS is simple and your subscription covers an unlimited number of POS terminals. The Getting Started wizard will guide you through the setup and configuration process, including loading the POS application.

The wizard also helps you to install new peripherals to your POS machine and test them — such as adding a barcode scanner or cash drawer.

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