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Making informed decisions can improve the success of your business. Veezi’s Performance Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your cinema's performance. And our comprehensive reports can be set up to run automatically.

Performance Dashboard

KPIs and operational data are presented in widgets, allowing you to make quick and effective decisions on the go, such as switching out scheduled films. It presents up-to-the-minute data for each cinema site so you can view in real time:

  • Daily statistics
  • Current film program
  • Top selling items
  • Spend per patron
  • Sales by screen
  • Online POS operators

You can customize, add, remove, and reorder gadgets on the dashboard to suit your preference.

Report Suite

Veezi’s report suite gives you the full story, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business. We have 35+ reports available. Each report allows you to access different aspects of your business data and can be produced in a few different formats.

You can schedule reports to be sent automatically. Set up any report to deliver data to your inbox every day or week—however often you need it. And send your box office reports directly to the distributors!

Our report suite includes:

  • Box office/concession sales reports
  • Distributor reports
  • Operational/daily reports
  • Marketing and Loyalty reports
  • Stock reports (for Inventory users)


Veezi has an electronic box office reporting (EBOR) feed, available to deliver box office figures to Numero and Maccs with the click of a button.

2713 Yoakum Cinema Texas Customer Story

"Before the theater, everybody went out of town for activities. There was nothing to do in Yoakum..."

~ Tammy Steinmann
Yoakum Grand Theater
2775 Veezi Pivot Cinemas Customer Story Rotator 314X314

“I have literally sat on the beach and logged in using my tablet. I love that everything happens in real time and you don’t have to wait to the end of the day for reports, it’s all there. 

~ Mark & Jess Walker
The Pivotonian Cinema

“The earthquake took out 22 screens across Christchurch, and we put one back in. We were oversubscribed. We had the whole market to ourselves for a year. 

~ Jeremy Stewart
Alice, Deluxe & Town Hall Cinemas
2815 Veezi Silvermoon Rotator

"At full capacity we have over 400 cars, that’s 900 to 1000 people at any one time. The curse of drive-ins are the grid locks, but with Veezi we now have a dedicated person moving along the queues of cars selling tickets via a tablet, in advance of reaching the box office."

~ Chip Sawyer
Silver Moon Drive-In
2500 Temora Town Hall – Australia Customer Story Customer Story 150DPI 300719

People come from other towns to find out how we do it”

~ Beth Firman
Town Hall Theatre
Epic Cinemas

“I want my customers to experience the magic of the cinema, one that matches the magic of the movie—just like it used to be.”

~ Danie van der Merwe
Epic Cinemas
Casestudy Veezi Monterey

After years in the business, I've had to figure out some things and now have a reputation for doing things my way. Call it my 'indie' spirit.”

~ Kelly Rogers
Monterey Cinema

“The traffic was heavy. It added to the excitement at the box office, but the kiosks have made it more efficient for our patrons...

~ Jen Holson
Windsor International Film Festival
Johnathan Brownlee DIFF

“Every year, we try to find new ways to give our audience a better experience.”

~ Johnathan Brownlee
Dallas International Film Festival

“Hands down, Veezi is what I need. It is reliable, and I can plan and act whether I am in the office or not.”

~ Geoff Glen
1963 Veezi Anzac Theatre Customer Story 150DPI

It's simple and intuitive to use and is run by a great bunch of people! Our town put in the time, and Veezi runs our theatre and keeps our finances tight … just the ticket!”

~ Vernon Woods
ANZAC Theatre

“Veezi is flexible and able to cope with everything we throw at it.”

~ Norman & Beth Hunter
Avoca Beach Picture Theatre

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