Tristone Cinemas, Southern California, USA

"My GM’s and District Manager all get the same high level of service"

Switching software with five cinemas, 42 screens and each with their own set of needs was a frightening proposition for Tristone. “Veezi addressed a ton of our issues prior to switching. And when we did switch they were right there with us,” says Heidi Robertson. 

“Veezi people are all super nice, making it enjoyable even when we had hiccups — and hiccups are bound to happen with this sort of thing. Now it doesn’t have to be me calling customer service. My GM’s and District Manager do that and they all get the same high level of service across the Veezi team. And that’s awesome for me because I don’t want to make those phone calls, I have bigger things to deal with”.

Heidi is a numbers person; statistics totally fascinate her. Give her the number of people coming from a zip code and she will hone in on those customers, offering them better discounts. “With Veezi, if I need to pull down any information I can literally do it anywhere — even in the car wash,” she laughs. At a glance, Heidi can see exactly how each movie is doing, what the concession totals are, and what the per cap is from one site or across all of her cinemas. And because Tristone have five cinemas, Veezi customized their offer. Now they are paying less than before and getting way better service.

Over the past 2 years Tristone have seen Veezi consistently upgrade and add benefits to their offer. And now with the extended Loyalty member filter functionality, Heidi has even more data and numbers to play with.

Ask Heidi would she make the switch again and the answer is yes. “The product, price and people far outweigh what we were dealing with before Veezi”. And in the words of Tristone’s Vice President, “Veezi absolutely has freed up time for us to concentrate on operations”. 

You can almost hear Heidi smiling.

Heidi Robertson

Tristone Cinemas