Rubys Cinema, Wanaka, NZ

Walking into Rubys Cinema you are transported to another time.

Named after a beautiful and exotic 1920’s local cabaret dancer, Rubys offers somewhere to wear your best dress, enjoy a beer or fine French champagne, whilst enjoying the experience of cinemas past.

Patrick McAteer has been the visionary since opening in 2011. “Our customers desire a boutique experience and we deliver to that with our full 3D experience, luxury seating and our great bar” says Patrick. With two boutique cinemas, Rubys shows the latest film releases, foreign movies and Art-House titles that include the best.

The main theatre seats 37, and the snug with its big electric recliners, seats 12. This boutique environment is complimented by a variety of food and beverage; from toasted Italian flat bread with delicious deli fillings, liqueur Affogatos, macaroons, lolly bags, and Rubys own homemade mulled wine, to French champagne selling for up to $300 a bottle.

“From a technology and food and beverage perspective Veezi was the only product on the market that could deliver to match our boutique experience. You sink a lot of money into projection systems, screens and surround sound but equally you’ve got to think about Point Of Sale. Veezi has been a brilliant transition for us".

All of this goes a long way towards the ‘X’ factor experience that is Rubys, making it a must visit for all who travel to Wanaka. Four to five different operators use Veezi, all finding it very quick to learn, enabling Patrick’s team to give their customers a premium experience - easily.

In a rural area like Wanaka the broadband connection can go down at any time; however sales can still proceed and once back online everything updates automatically. Customers can choose to book online avoiding disappointment at the door, brilliant for such a small cinema. 

As Patrick says “not only does it give the distributors all the data they need, it’s great to have an inclusive monthly fee. There are no surprises with Veezi. More people should definitely pick it up”.

Spoken like a true independent! 


Patrick McAteer

Rubys Cinema