Peerless Theatre, Colorado, USA

Peerless is Not For Profit so Bob Brandt has to be careful with money.

The change to digital was expensive but installing cloud based Veezi cinema software greatly reduced further outlay on hardware. Installation happened on a Thursday and the staff had it running without any problems by Tuesday. And the Veezi support team bent over backwards with the small issues that come with being NFP. They also knew all the right questions to ask on our behalf for integrating Gift Cards with Vantiv.

“We couldn’t be happier. We now give our Board of Directors more information than they know what to do with. Every sale brings with it the potential for sharing information. We can see where we can reduce margins to offer lower prices and still make enough to keep the doors open” says Bob.

That’s important for the small Colorado community of 2,200. Surrounding businesses like Subway love Peerless and so do the school kids they employ. “Veezi is really easy to use, I can tailor the dashboard as I like, colour buttons orange for Gatorade, blue for Pepsi and take a photo of a smoothie on my iPhone to upload”.

In fact Bob can have a button for every single candy he sells. While inventory can be detailed down to every Snicker, it is not only accurate but easy to implement.

And that inevitable rush with everyone arriving two minutes before the movie starts is manageable as everything is quick and easy to identify. Transactions are immediate with receipts printing out before staff can even hand back their credit card.

“As a result our customers are happy, the board is happy and we are delighted”. 


Bob Brandt
The Peerless Theatre