Aurora Theatre, New York, USA

Without the online ticketing capability, the Aurora Theatre would have missed out on the spill over from fully booked shows!

Lynn Kinsella capitalizes on the spill over from blockbuster releases like Star Wars and The Hunger Games — these movies sell out fast. Without the Veezi + Fandango online ticketing capability her cinema would have missed out on the spill over from fully booked shows. “And I can tell you this has definitely happened in the past”, says Lynn.

Now she doesn’t get so many ‘Do you have seats?’ phone calls. Instead, customers buy online. With sales increasing by 20%, Veezi has already proven its worth! That’s major when you have a theatre seating up to 600 people. 

But busy presents another potential problem… imagine that many people arriving minutes before the show! It gets very busy, but Veezi POS makes transactions and concessions really quick. 

As a result, customers experience a streamlined service — all combined with high quality digital projection on our large 16’ x 34’ screen, the great sound, and Lynn’s delicious homemade gourmet popcorn. They fall more in love with the Aurora and will wait for movies like Star Wars that are showing at multiplexes just 20 minutes’ drive away. Why? So they can repeat the experience they had when they first saw the movie and share it with their kids. 

“Veezi simplifies how we do our numbers on a daily basis. Staff would text me with sales updates before, but now both of us can log in at any time, from anywhere, for total visibility of our cinema. And we can enter both the price and the net cost of items, so we can see what the profit margins are.” 

“We live really close to our theatre so we can see if we need to run up and help out. Best of all, my husband used to depend on me for our sales figures, and now he delights in telling me how many fannies are in the seats! From an operations point of view, it really ticks the boxes,” says Lynn.

Lynn might have been in Florida for a week but even then she was still close to her theatre. She was able to go online to view her reports while relaxing and drinking a margarita by the pool. Now that is a nice way to work!!

“We love the freedom and we love Veezi — we really do!”


Lynn Kinsella

Aurora Theatre