Anzac Theatre, Dargaville, NZ

In a small country town like Dargaville, things can have a reputation for closing down... their cinema did 30 odd years ago!

Fed up with going to the cinema in Kaitaia the community took matters into their own hands and rallied together to convert a kumera storage shed, furnishing it with old school hall benches, a home theatre system and a household freezer for ice creams.

It was basic, we didn’t mind. This was our theatre for the last 4 years but we wanted more. After hours and hours of salt of the earth donated time, grit, determination and fundraising we now have a proper cinema that has put the life back into our town. 

Yes, we need to watch every dollar and yes, none of us had any experience running a cinema. Then we discovered Veezi, cinema software perfect for small operations like us. Being cloud based we didn’t need an expensive server and better still - we only pay for what we use.

Our town put in the time, and Veezi runs our theatre and keeps our finances tight … just the ticket!!


Vernon Woods

Anzac Theatre