Academy Cinemas, Auckland, NZ

The Academy has always been at the forefront of independent cinema in New Zealand.

With expertise in film, owner Andy Miller has astutely chosen a mix of off beat films and cult classic screenings. You immediately get the sense that he is a rare breed, a cinephile, who just happens to own a cinema.

The Academy’s unwritten mission is to be the haven for cinema lovers. With this in mind the cinema foyer is a communal space where people can comfortably go by themselves, or with others, and hopefully meet other people who love film. And true to form it looks like it’s run by people who love and know something about movies with black and white framed photographs of Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin adorning the walls.

“We pride ourselves on finding and delivering the highest quality and most entertaining films from both inside and outside the Hollywood studio system” says Andy. The Academy shows a range of the best local and international films, documentaries, romantic comedies, dramas and thrillers. All served in the comfort of wide seats, while enjoying a drink or a sweet treat during the movie.

"The search for software to run our cinema led us to Veezi, it stood head and shoulders above the competition giving us the flexibility, ease and reliability we need. Not only was it perfect for the requirements of our twin screen cinema, it also came from a company that has impeccable credentials in the cinema industry - Vista Entertainment Solutions. That vast expertise gave me the assurance few others could match" says Andy.

Veezi added the finishing touch to their cinema experience. And it has been a recipe for success. Much loved by cinema buffs, they were awarded "Best Cinema Marketing" and "Best Independent Cinema Manager" at the NZMPIC Awards in 2013. 

Academy Cinemas