Ticket Types and Price Cards

Tickets are used to manage the different types of tickets that you can sell to your shows.

By default, tickets are listed alphabetically by Name, and you can click the column headings to order films by Ticket Class, Type, Default Price, Status, or Sequence. You can use the Search field to filter the films displayed by all or part of a name, ticket class, type or price. Click the cross button in the text box to remove the search filter. The Show and Hide buttons are also used to toggle whether or not inactive tickets are displayed. Click the add Ticket button to add a new ticket to your database.

There are three options:

  • Click Copy From Veezi to go to the Import Tickets screen and choose from Veezi's pre-configured database. Click the Add button for each ticket you wish to use, then click the import tickets button to import those selected into your database.
  • Click Copy an Existing Ticket to choose a ticket from your own database to copy. For example, you might want to make a copy of Adult called Adult 3D, rather than creating a completely new ticket.
  • Click Create a New Ticket to create a completely new type of ticket from scratch.

Click the Name of an existing ticket to edit its details.

Price Cards

Price Cards determine the types of tickets that can be sold for shows, and set the price of tickets.

You can create several price cards to charge different prices for shows in different situations. For example, you might make:

  • "Matinee" with low prices to use with morning shows.
  • "Super Tuesday" to use as part of a weekly promotion.
  • "General Admission" at standard prices to use at all other times.

The Price Cards section displays each price card with the tickets it includes and their prices. Inactive price cards can be displayed or hidden, and complimentary/voucher tickets included in price cards can also be displayed or hidden.

Click the add Price Card button to create a new price card, or click the title of an existing price card to edit its details.

The video below gives a comprehensive overview of how to set up tickets and price cards.