There are many 'variables' that you can change/modify within Veezi. These guides will cover the processes (and options - if applicable) to enable you to get the most out of Veezi. 


In the general area, there are the following guides. General Settings; Customise Dashboard; Your Account; General Ledger (GL) Accounts; Sales Tax.

Your Cinema:

Contains guides on 'Sites & Screens' - how to setup cinema sites - and the associated screens within each specific site. Also contains info on the 'Request Allocated Seat Map' process as well.

POS Settings:

Getting POS as optimal as possible to enable smooth & hassle free transactions on your POS is the aim of these important guides! Contains guides on: Refunds and Voids (Settings which define your refund/void policies), POS Settings (Date/time formats, Voucher barcodes, Tickets & Receipts, POS Specific Settings), Payment Types (Add/edit payment types), Workstations (List of all Workstations/ability to edit or delete/change concession profile/Supervisor cash drawer opening authority). Concession Profiles (A guide to the overall setup of concession profiles for those items you sell in your business). Setup your POS (A guide on how to setup up a POS workstation).


These guides contain the following information for all users (Owners/Managers/Staff); Email Addresses (Maintaining lists of those contacts email adresses), Users (Ability to add/edit users e.g old/new staff), Change Password (Self explanatory?), Your Profile (Changing navigation profiles), Feature Notifications (We've always got stuff to tell you. You can choose to be notified - or not - as suits).

Contact us if you need assistance with anything you're not 100% sure about.