How your business performs is of critical importance. You need to know this - so do some of your partners - your distributors for example. The short video on this page shows you through the range of reports available in Veezi.

Comprehensive Information

Reporting is one of the areas where the experience that has gone into Veezi design shines through. Veezi has a wide range of reports available and new reports will be added as the needs are identified. Each of these reports allows you access to a lot of information that can be viewed in a number of different ways.

Reporting to distributors is usually a daily task. Veezi has a distributor report that can be presented for any date range and for each of your sites. It can be for one distributor or all. It can also be for one film or all films. It can show detail at a film level or right down to show time and ticket type, with or without complimentaries.

There are many reports to explore inside Veezi.