Pre-loaded databases make handling concession sales easy too. Nearly all of the concession items you will want to sell are maintained in a database where you can access them for addition to your inventory. This video illustrates how concessions are maintained and prepared for sale.

Creating Items

If a concession item you wish to sell is not available on the Veezi Master List, you simply create new concession items by building them from scratch or by copying and amending one of your existing items. Adding a picture so it shows on the associated POS terminal button is easy.

Packages, Upgrades and Options

Item packages are also easy to assemble using Veezi. You have view of each item and the price you have set for that item at each cinema. Creating packages just means selecting the items on the package and setting pricing.

Options (for example different flavours of an item) are created and managed using the same simple forms, as are upgrades (upsells for items).

Screen Layouts

Managing how your items appear on the POS terminal screen is done using a simple graphical layout that reflects the actual view of how the buttons look on the POS screen.