Additional Modules

These guides contain the 'how to' for the following additional modules...

  • Rentrak Electronic Feed: Setting up to allow your business to automatically upload sales data to Rentrak (Contingent of course, on having chosen this option beforehand!)
  • API Integration: This guide covers the 'how to' to generate API keys for 3rd party integration with the Veezi data feed, e.g. For web developers to enable tickets to be sold on your website.
  • Projection Service: This guide outlines the process for TMS (Theatre Management System) integration between Veezi and your TMS.
  • Veezi Internet Ticketing (VTix): 'How to' install VTix for your cinema(s).
  • Mailing List: 'How to' view, import, export and manage those customers who have subscribed to receive emails from you.  
Veezi Internet Ticketing (PDF)