Hardware required

With Veezi being a 'Cloud-based' solution, this has impacted significantly on the minimum hardware requirements needed to run it in your cinema. Veezi will work with a wide range of peripherals. We list the minimum standards below. Note that the Veezi team can answer your hardware questions and put you in touch with our recommended reseller whose pricing and terms we believe you will find very attractive.

Internet Connection

Veezi has been designed to operate using a broadband internet (DSL) connection. Ideally, this should be the fastest connection you can get for both upstream (from your connection to the internet) and downstream (downloading to your connection from the internet). A broadband plan for business is likely to offer better levels of customer service to you than a domestic account. 10GB of monthly bandwidth would be a good and safe amount to have. Don't select a plan that degrades speed performance if you exceed your data cap. For a highly robust approach, we further recommend that for redundancy you either use a load balanced router with two separate broadband connections from two different ISP's or you use a 3G capable router that can fall back to a 3G connection in the event of the broadband connection failing for long periods for any reason. We also recommend you connect your POS workstations to your internet router using network cables and not wireless connections. You should take into account any other internet usage from your site on the same connection when considering your speed requirements.

Administration Computer (Back Office)

To run Veezi back office we recommend a Windows PC or laptop with any modern internet browser. We recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Nb. You can even operate Back Office & POS on the same Computer at your front of house.


With POS, there are a myriad of options available to you. The key choice you need to make is whether or not to have a touch screen POS - or to use a traditional mouse/keyboard combination? Veezi will work regardless, but we do recommend a touch screen as this will be a lot quicker.

All in one POS.png
For each POS lane desired, one Windows PC running a current version of Windows; Minimum - 1.0 GHz Pentium IV compatible processor or equivalent, 256 MB RAM, 800x600 256 colour display.Recommended - fully integrated All-in-One POS System, 2.0 GHz Core2 compatible or later, 1 GB RAM, 1024x768 high colour touch screen display.
Card Swipe
A Windows compatible USB card swipe reader.
LS1203 opt.png
Barcode Scanner
You can use a 1-D scanner such as the Symbol LS1203. However, we recommend a modern 2-D scanner such as the Honeywell Voyager 1400g. Whatever you go for, we suggest you ensure it can read from a mobile phone screen as more and more people buy tickets online.
sp-103n-b opt.png
Cash Drawer
An M-S Cash Drawer SP-103 Cash Drawer with RJ11 Printer connection.