Fast Cinema Setup

With the hardware requirements established, you can now look at using Veezi for the very first time. Before you do that though, from our experiences to date, we would like to recommend that the following two optional processes will save you time, frustration, maybe even money?

Printing a Pre-Veezi Checklist

The idea behind printing off the 'Pre-Veezi Checklist' is a simple one; it will provide a clearer guideline on exactly what you need to do in order to set up Veezi for the first time. There is a sound logic behind why we recommend doing the setup in the order we've suggested. It is not absolutely essential to do this, but it will eliminate a lot of issues if Veezi doesn't seem to work as it should do initially.



Veezi Master Film List

Is your time precious? Then have we got great news for you! One task that requires a reasonable amount of time is loading information about films. So, we've created the Veezi Master Films lists (which are continually updated) so you can pre-load the specific titles you need for your programming - without having to spend hours entering that data. That's one less task for you. We should also add that we do the same for the concession items as well. Now that's two less tasks you need to complete. It couldn't be Veezi-er!

Import Films


Initial Veezi Setup

Setting up computer programs can be a challenge, to say the least. The clever tech guys here recognised that, and have devised a setup wizard that is simplicity itself. It's even got a nifty 'petrol gauge' to let you know how you're progressing! Regardless of whether you are new to the cinema industry, or a veteran, the getting started wizard will explain, in clear concise terms, the exact information needed to ensure you get the right data in the right places.

From the 'Getting Started' page, once you've printed off your 'Pre-Veezi Checklist', you're ready to start the process of making your cinema a Veezi one! As previously suggested, our experience has shown that it is of immense benefit to load the necessary data in the order we've recommended. Trust us on that point!

Exactly what data do you need to enter? We'll explain that in more detail below.

1) Your cinema: There are two requirements here, A) 'Complete your Account details' and B) 'Setup your Screens'. With your account details, we require the basic information about your cinema - Account details/Account Holder/Company Details. With your screen info, you'll be entering the data about each and every screen in your premise.

2) Films: For the initial setup, you'll import films from the 'Veezi Master List'. You can create your own unique events at any time. In the meantime, this will get you up and running a lot faster.

3) Ticket Prices: We've already loaded some Standard tickets for you. Once you've put some prices on these, then you can then add more/import additional tickets as needed.

4) Shows: Before you can sell tickets, you need a show to sell them to. Once you've done that initial first show, you can add more shows later.

5) Food: An essential part of the film experience is the concessions. Here you'll add the desired concession items from the Veezi Master List - and the associated prices to these as well. Then you'll add them to display on your POS.

6) Users: Aside from yourself, each POS user will need to have their own unique user number and PIN to be able to logon to POS. For the initial setup of Veezi, we've given you a user number; you just need to set your 4 digit PIN.

7) POS: Having completed all of the above steps, you now have a great deal of information in POS to work with and you can start selling now. Now you're ready to install POS on each terminal in your site. Just follow the instructions in the link below. The POS setup may seem difficult, but as long as you follow the setup in the order specified, you shouldn't encounter any problems.

Veezi set up



Congratulations would be in order, you've successfully loaded Veezi. With Veezi onboard, you will have access to revolutionary cinema management software that will help in so many different ways. Welcome to our world. We're sure you're going to love it. Remember that if you do get stuck on anything, you can always drop us an email or give us a call - and we will happily give you a hand.