Pre-Veezi: What hardware is needed?

Not only have we made Veezi simple, we've made it significantly more cost effective with the minimum requirements for the hardware you'll need to run Veezi properly in your cinema. 

There are 3 major areas to consider before you run Veezi for the first time.

A) Internet Connection: A vital consideration is your internet connection - which is the life-blood of the Veezi experience. It needs to be broadband (DSL) as an absolute minimum. We recommend a monthly data allowance of 10GB. See the FAQ's for more technical details.

B) Back Office Computer: Veezi will work on most modern computers, the exact standards are detailed in the next section - hardware required.

C) POS: For each POS lane, you will need either a moderate spec Windows PC (or a Laptop) or an 'All-in-One' fully integrated POS system. The full specs are listed in the next section -  Hardware Required.

There are additional items needed to run Veezi effectively. Some are essential, others are optional. We will detail these in the following 'Hardware Required' section. 


And... we feel it of benefit to add the following document here, our "The Veezi-er Way" guide for those of you setting up Veezi for the very first time. It is also located under the 'How to' section in the toolkit as well. Click on the link for the document

The Veezi-er Way