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What type of external internet connection do I need?

You need a broadband (DSL) connection. The ideal connection would be the fastest you can get for both upstream (from your connection to the Internet) and downstream (downloading to your connection from the Internet). A broadband plan for business is likely to offer better levels of customer service to you than a domestic account. 10GB of monthly bandwidth would be a good and safe amount to have. Don't select a plan that degrades speed performance if you exceed your  data cap. For a highly robust approach, we further recommend that for redundancy you either use a load balanced router with two separate broadband connections from two different ISP's or you use a 3G capable router that can fall back to a 3G connection in the event of the broadband connection failing for long periods for any reason. We also recommend you connect your POS workstations to your Internet router using network cables and not wireless connections.  You should take into account any other internet usage from your site on the same connection when considering your speed requirements.

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What specification computer do I need to run Veezi Back Office for all administration and operations?

You can run Veezi Back Office on any device with an internet web browser. We recommend Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

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What specification of machines do I need for my POS terminals?

For each POS lane desired, one PC running Windows 7 or later. This would include many of the Windows based POS terminals available. The minimum hardware we know will work is a 1.0 GHz Pentium IV compatible processor or equivalent, 256 MB RAM and 800x600 256 col display. We recommend a 2.0 GHz Core 2 compatible or later processor, 1 GB RAM and 1024x768 high colour touch screen display.

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What kind of ticket printer do you recommend?

Any of the following Epson printers: TMT-20, TMT-81, TMT-88 or TMT-90 USB ticket/receipt printer. Or any of the following Boca printers: Boca Lemur-L, Boca Lemur-R

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If we elect to use a card swipe reader, which one do you recommend?

We recommend using a Magtek MagneSafe Mini USB card swipe reader with Keyboard

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Which barcode reader do you recommend?

We recommend a modern 2-D scanner such as the Honeywell Voyager 1400g.

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Which cash drawer do you recommend?

The MS Cashdrawer SP-103 Cash Drawer with RJ11 Printer connection

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If I choose to have my electronic payment system integrated to the Veezi POS, what hardware will I need?

For integrated payments, we recommend and support Payment Express for your EFTPOS (NZ & Australia) provider. They have standard hardware choices for pin pads. Veezi will integrate with these standard choices. All you need to do is ensure Payment Express has loaded their software onto each of your intended Veezi POS machines.

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Will Veezi support Virtual Desktop environments?

No, Veezi does not support running POS on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments. Please contact us if you need to run POS using VDI

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