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Can I use Veezi if I have more than one cinema?

Yes. With Veezi, you can have one account to manage as many cinemas (sites) as you wish. If Veezi meets your operational needs then you can use it. We recommend that cinemas with average monthly admits above 10,000 or complex food and beverage requirements contact us for pricing and advice.

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Can I use Veezi for a short term seasonal cinema or film festival?

Yes you can, we even have a shopping cart feature to allow moviegoers to buy tickets to multiple sessions online, in one easy transaction. When you have completed your season/festival, you can leave your account running so that all of your data and cinema information will be ready next time you open; this will incur the minimum monthly fee.

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Can I use Veezi for selling only food and beverage items, i.e. to run my cafe?

Whilst this under-utilises Veezi usage, you can indeed use it for this purpose. If you run a café alongside your cinema or have another reason for a stand-alone food and beverage site, you can use Veezi.

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Where can I use Veezi? In which countries is it available?

You can sign up to use Veezi from anywhere in the world. Of course, there might be local tax and currency requirements for your specific country — contact us and we’ll set these up for you. We’ll continue to add countries to the automated setup list, which don’t require manual set up from us.

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What is a pre-loaded master list when it comes to setting up Veezi?

Cinemas in any market share some commonalities. The most obvious of these are the films they show and the concession items they sell. We have created master lists for films, concessions and ticket types, so all you have to do is choose the films, concession items or ticket types you want to use and enter details such as pricing.

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Can I use Veezi in different time zones?

Yes, you can set up a separate time zone for each cinema site in your Veezi account.

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