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Frequently asked questions

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How does the 30 Day Free Trial work?

You simply register and start using Veezi. No credit card necessary. You will have full access to it for 30 days from the day you sign up. If you decide not to purchase you have no need to do anything further. We will remind you before the end of your trial so that you can choose to purchase if you wish to. After the end of the 30 days, you will need to purchase Veezi in order to continue using it.

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What is the largest cinema that Veezi can be used in?

Our experience has shown us that some cinemas have more complex operational requirements than others, so we recommend that cinemas with average monthly admits above 10,000 or complex Food & Beverage requirements contact us for pricing and advice.

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If I decide to purchase, what happens?

Your first payment will be processed on the 2nd day of the month following your first full month of usage. It will include any part month useage that is not covered by the free 30 day trial. This policy applies to your usage of Veezi on each of your cinema sites.

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What happens if I subscribe after the 30 day free trial?

Your first regular monthly account and charges will be calculated in arrears at the end of the first full month of chargeable usage (i.e. somewhere between 30 and 59 days from the end of your free trial). At this time, your fees will be calculated and charged to your credit card.

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If I decide to enter my credit card details before the end of the 30 Day trial, will I lose some of my free use?

No, paid use will only be calculated from the end of the 30 day trial period, even if you purchase early.

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What does “pay only for what you use” mean?

It means that charges are calculated on the level of usage you have at each cinema site. It is not based on number of screens, or POS terminals. Please note that there is a minimum account fee of $150 USD (or £75) per month, so if you have only one cinema site, there will be the minimum account fee each month regardless of whether the cinema transacts on Veezi for the month. If you have multiple cinema sites, none of which transact during a month, then you will only be charged the $150 USD (or £75) monthly account fee.

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How will I know I have been charged for Veezi?

The name "Vista Entertainment Solutions" will appear on cardholder statements for any transactions through this website.

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If I don’t sell tickets at a cinema site, will I not get charged?

As long as there are no transactions done for your cinema site during a given month, you will not incur fees. A transaction means any sale you make, including concessions. Please also note that there is one exception to this rule where you will be charged a minimum account fee of $150 USD (or £75) per month regardless of whether you have transactions on any cinema sites.

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Is there a minimum charge I will pay each month?

Yes there is. Regardless of how many cinema sites you have or whether you sell anything in any of your sites, there will always be a minimum account fee of $150 USD (or £75) per month. This does of course cover up to 2500 admits per month for one cinema site and/or Food & Beverage transactions at one cinema site.

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What is the difference between an account and a cinema site?

Your account is your subscription to Veezi. You can have one or as many cinema sites set up on your one account as you like.

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Is Veezi for me if I have more than one cinema?

Yes. With Veezi, you have one account which can have as many cinemas (sites) as you wish. Each site can easily have multiple screens. If Veezi meets your operational needs then you can use it. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs in more detail if so required.

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Can I use Veezi for a short-term seasonal cinema or festival?

Yes you can. Simply sign up for a normal account and set up your cinema. When you have completed your season, you can either close your account or leave it running. If you leave it running, all of your cinema information will be ready next time you open (suitable for periodic use) and you will incur a monthly minimum fee of $150 USD (or £75). If you close the account, you will not incur the fee and you simply re-open the account and set it up again next season.

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Can I use Veezi only for selling food & beverage items, i.e. to run my cafe?

Whilst this does seem like underutilising Veezi, you can indeed use it for this purpose.  If you have a café alongside your cinema or have another reason for a stand-alone food and beverage site, you can use Veezi for this for a flat fee of $150 USD (or £75) per site per month. 

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Where can I use Veezi? In which countries is it available?

You can sign up to use Veezi from anywhere in the world.  Of course, there might be local tax and currency requirements for your specific country, in which case, just drop us a line and we will set these up for you.  We will also be adding more countries to the automated set-up list which do not require any manual set-up from us.

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What is the full cost of using Veezi? Are there hidden costs?

Our pricing page lists the monthly fees for you to use Veezi. There are optional extras you can choose from, beginning with Internet Ticketing. Aside from these listed charges there are no additional, up front or hidden fees.

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Why is Veezi so inexpensive? What's the catch?

Veezi is new generation 'cloud' technology, making good use of the economies of scale available from using the Internet and providing a system that does all the fundamental things you need for a great price.  There is no catch.

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How do I stop my subscription to Veezi?

Cancelling your subscription to Veezi is a menu choice within the application. If you choose to do so, your account will be closed and a summary of the final months charges will be completed at the end of that month, based on your usage. A final charge will be made to your credit card accordingly. There are no penalty charges for ending your subscription.

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