Easy and fast to get started

Signing up to Veezi is simple, fill in the online form and submit your credit card details. No need to worry about contracts, extensive paperwork or confusing fee structures. Veezi is a 'what you see is what you get' product, no surprises. Pricing is based on admits per month, the more admits you have, the more cost effective Veezi becomes. It's subscription based, and you can cancel at anytime. The Veezi team give you unlimited support and you get unlimited users (or selling stations).

We have revolutionised setting up the product - no-one likes big thick manuals, nor should you be a tech head to do this. Our 'Getting Started Wizard' guides you through the set-up process. With a snappy 'gauge' you can see how far you have to go to completion, it will take just over an hour from start to finish. We will walk you through the process of cinema and screen information, and loading the POS component. Then you and your customers are ready for the Veezi revolution.

Setup checklist

We have tried to think of everything, even a checklist you can print out prior to sitting down and starting the set up process so that you are not running around looking for information at each step along the way.

Pre-loaded master lists

We have also done everything we can in advance for you to cut down on your work. For example Veezi comes pre-loaded with all the films you are likely to be showing stored in our reference database. We call this the Veezi Film Master List, we will maintain it so that you always have the latest film information to choose from. Preparing your films for scheduling and showing is as easy as choosing and downloading the information you want from the Veezi Master List.

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