Always on

Being on the cloud means Veezi is available all the time, and from anywhere in the world. You can access your cinema to manage or monitor whenever you want to; no more will you be trapped in your office when you'd rather be elsewhere!

You will save money, you do not need to invest in servers or other software. Your data is always accessible for you at any time. In the event that you have a computer failure or other adverse event at your business, your Veezi system and your business information is safe and secure.

The Veezi team are always improving things, with software updates every two weeks - offering new features and functionality catered to the independent cinema owner and operation.

You can access your cinema to manage or monitor whenever you want to; no more will you be trapped in your office when you'd rather be elsewhere!


Veezi has security that has been specifically designed for the unique requirements of independent cinema. All data that is transferred between your location and the Veezi servers is encrypted. Veezi's servers have SSL certificates issued by Digicert - a leading certificate authority. Your access to Veezi and your data is password protected. Your data (both current and historical) is stored on Veezi's secure Azure servers and a second copy is always maintained.

Offline function

Veezi is offline capable. In the rare event where your internet connection might be lost, Veezi let's you continue selling. Later when your internet connection resumes Veezi automatically updates all offline sales. This is perfect for a cinema in remote locations where the internet can be unstable, or for an outdoor cinema operation where there is no internet connection during the show. Simply wait until the internet can be accessed and Veezi will automatically upload the data to the cloud where you can access all reports and dashboard information.

Whether or not connected to the internet, Veezi will always operate to sell tickets, sell concessions and provide pick up services for customers who have made advance bookings and purchases.

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