Rooftop Film Club, London, UK

"We have a great following, and are often booked out weeks in advance"

"We have a great following, and are often booked out weeks in advance", says Harry Warren of Rooftop Film Club. 

Rooftop’s five London cinemas open in early summer, running until the end of September. At each venue customers can enjoy movie themed cocktails and amazing food while taking in uninterrupted views of the London skyline. “As the sun sets they retire to deck chairs carefully arranged like a traditional cinema… but with lounge appeal, it’s a very British thing,” says Harry. It makes for a very special occasion, not only do people enjoy the location and the film, but also the social aspect of the whole evening. This keeps them coming back, their cinemas are booked out weeks in advance.   

"In February/March 2015 we wanted a POS system that aligns with a ticketing platform and to start pushing memberships. We stumbled across Veezi and took the jump. Implementation coincided with my arrival so I have been working with Veezi from day one. Being seasonal we don’t need a 365-day package. Freedom and flexibility is key to our choice of platform. Veezi costs are based on tickets sold and it couldn’t be better, if we are selling more tickets through Veezi we are not going to complain about having to pay a bit more," says Harry.

Rooftop have invested in a solid infrastructure with internet connections across all their rooftops. 100-150 people attend a single screening with 90% of tickets sold online. Rooftop have a really strong following, so they introduced rewards for regular customers. Veezi takes care of all memberships and concessions…

"We feel less pop-up now, and more like a permanent cinema in the sky… it is really cool. We have great ice-cream up here, we serve pop-corn and assorted sweets as a cinema package.

I love how personable Veezi is. It doesn’t feel like you are working with a system, it feels like you are actually working with people. From the outset we have had great technical support from the Veezi team, they are more than happy to answer all questions and talk through developments and adjustments. It is one of those constantly evolving platforms where releases mean you are always picking up new things. Generally it is quite simple and you can learn to use it in no time.”

Harry reiterates that Veezi is arguably one of the most cost effective systems you can find. “Veezi have been tailoring the platform to our needs and the ticket cost has remained the same, that is ideal for Rooftop. These constant developments are probably my favourite part of working with Veezi... and the fact that they are all really nice people!”


Harry Warren

Rooftop Film Club